Picdmo Inc.

App Changelog


  • Cloud and backend enhancements in preparation for major user promotions as well as broader marketing initiatives.


  • In-App Purchases is now integrated with new “Store” menu option.
  • 2 Ad-Free versions available for purchase:
    • Monthly Ad-Free
    • Annually Ad-Free (at a 20% discount over monthly rate)
  • New “My Photos” menu item that shows your pictures by date taken.
  • New default landing page option for My Photos.


  • New ability to set Landing Page in Settings.
  • New ability to create your Profile.


  • New Ability to create your own Custom Named Albums.


  • Cloud enhancements to support future new app enhancements.


  • Ability to share any picture either from the Library or the Search Results to anyone via any sharing software you normally use (ex: texting, email, social media…).
  • Constantly rotating sample search phrases on the Search screen to give your ideas on what to search for from your own pictures.